Frequently asked questions

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Minimum to Run Tour2018-04-16T17:39:47+00:00

We operate tours with a minimum of 2 to maximum 14 guests on the walking tour and minimum of 4 to a maximum of 20 on the bus tour. The average tour is usually somewhere in between.

If you prefer an intimate experience for your group or private party, please visit our “private/group tour” page or email info@stmartinfoodtours.com and we would be happy to serve you.

Time Zone Differences in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin2017-01-30T16:57:57+00:00

Please be sure to check the LOCAL TIME IN SINT MAARTEN/SAINT MARTIN , which observes Atlantic Standard Time and does NOT use Daylight Savings Time. Flavors of St. Martin is NOT responsible if you are late to a tour because you are unaware of the local time zone.

Can I shop during the tour?2017-01-16T20:59:01+00:00

Yes you can shop in our partner stops but please bring cash so you can receive the one for one conversion from Euro to Dollar on the French side.

Are cameras allowed on tour?2017-01-16T20:58:46+00:00

Yes, and we encourage photos on this fun, picturesque tour. However, video cameras or tape recorders are not permitted.

Tips to make your cultural food tour more pleasant2017-01-16T20:58:31+00:00

Wear proper shoes for walking about 2.5 miles over uneven streets/sidewalks, steep grades and pavement. Protect your skin from the strong Caribbean sun by wearing sun block and/or a hat. Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothes to avoid overheating. Please give advance notice of diet restrictions (allergies, vegetarians, etc.)

Are bathrooms available during the tour?2017-01-16T20:58:06+00:00

Yes, bathrooms are available throughout the tours.

Where do tours start/meet?2017-01-16T20:57:45+00:00

Upon booking you will receive detailed information via e-mail about the starting location. If you are unsure, you may always call “the number on your e-ticket” and we will help you locate your guide.

Can I book a Private/Group Tour?2017-01-16T20:57:24+00:00

Yes! Private tours are perfect for birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, family trips, team building, ice breakers, honeymooners, corporate adventures and more! Private tours are based on availability. Please see our Private Tour Page and send us a request.

In what language are the tours?2017-01-16T20:56:58+00:00

Our tours are primarily conducted in English but can be conducted in Spanish or French in a private tour upon request. Please email us at info@stmartinfoodtours.com

Guest behavior2017-01-16T20:56:41+00:00

Guests are expected to be respectful of others on the tour and of the tour guide. Obnoxious inebriation and/or inappropriate conduct will NOT be tolerated and if a guest continues to act in a disorderly, offensive way they will be asked to leave the tour and will NOT receive a refund.

How difficult is the walking/How fit should I be?2017-01-16T20:56:24+00:00

Our food tours are 3 hours in length feature 5 tasting locations in total and are a mix of relaxed seating at partner restaurants and tastings that are shorter and faster paced which have no designated seating for each guest. This allows us to cover 5 restaurants in 3 hours, plus historical and cultural areas of interest in the Old City. Guests should also be comfortable walking about 2.5 miles (10,000 steps) over cobble stoned streets, walking a flight of stairs and strolling up/down hills.

Would I see as much of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin if I go on my own?2017-01-16T20:56:00+00:00

The charm and beauty of this island is accessible to all, but this tour provides an excellent overview and kick off to your vacation. If you’re in town only for a few hours on a cruise, this tour can be your “wham, bam thank you ma’am” of sorts so you can see the Dutch and French side and experience cuisine from both. If you are visiting the island for a longer vacation this can set you up for a nice snapshot of the island to provide an understanding of “what it’s all about” plus great restaurants to return to for larger meals.

Most guests love the concept of dining at four restaurants for a SNAP SHOT of the local foods and drink in the course of a few hours. We think you will fully appreciate the island by traveling with an entertaining, knowledgeable tour guide who can share with you the culturally rich and historically-drenched areas of Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin. Plus, on top of learning the story behind why half of this island is French and the other Dutch, you will savor a variety of interesting, taste-bud pleasing local beverage and cuisine.

How many people will be on tour with me?2017-01-16T20:55:26+00:00

We operate tours with a minimum of six to maximum 20 guests. The average tour is usually somewhere in between but realize the “high” season where we are most likely to be full is later December through April.

If you prefer an intimate experience for your group or private party, please visit our “private/group tour” page or email iinfo@stmartinfoodtours.com and we’d be happy to serve you.

Should I eat anything before the tour?2017-01-16T20:55:05+00:00

Didn’t your mom warn you about spoiling your appetite? We don’t recommend eating anything immediately before your tour, as food and drink on the tour is enough for most to feel full afterward. However, keep in mind this is NOT a buffet tour meant to stuff you to your eyeballs. This foodie tour adventure features local cuisine and drink, but also historical and cultural information in between restaurant stops. Our goal is to feed your mind as well as your belly.

How much food/drink is served on the tours?2017-01-16T20:54:47+00:00

Flavors of St. Martin provides samples of food and drink, enough for most people to feel comfortably full afterward. *Participants must be 18 years or older to drink alcohol in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.* If an underage guest attends they will be served a non-alcohol substitute.

What type of cuisine can I expect on the tours?2017-01-16T20:54:24+00:00

You didn’t come to Sint Maarten/Saint Martin try a cheeseburger! You will experience and learn about cuisine native to BOTH sides of the island (The Dutch and French sides) as well as the cuisine from restaurants unique to Philipsburg, Simpson Bay and Grand Case – the areas where our tour ventures.  Please note: enough food/drink is served so that most people feel pleasantly satiated at the end of their foodie experience.

Do we just go around and sample food?2017-01-16T20:54:07+00:00

Our food tours are so much more than that. Our tours center around areas that have wonderful, rich history and flavor. Visitors learn the history of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin and the many influences that shaped our cuisine and culture plus information unique about the area. The tour is fully narrated by your entertaining tour guide who will discuss history, culture, entertaining tidbits, and “off the beaten track” foodie locations.

Do you operate tours in the rain?2017-01-16T20:53:43+00:00

Yes. The tours are held rain or shine. You should dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions and bring an umbrella if necessary. Luckily the showers in the Caribbean are usually brief and light.

In the rare event that WE cancel the tour due to weather, you will be able to reschedule to another time/date, receive credit for a future event in the form of a transferable/never expiring gift card or a full refund.

What is included in my food tour experience?2017-01-16T20:53:19+00:00

Everything! Pricing for the food, drink, tour guide, restaurant tips and transportation is taken care of for you. Our Flavors of St. Martin Food Tours provide guests with enough food and drink so that most people will feel pleasantly full afterwards. We would like to point out at his stage if the buffet line is more your style, you might want to opt out of our tour. Our goal is not only to fill your tummy but to convey the area’s culture and unique heritage and increase your foodie I.Q.  That is why in addition to food and drink, our foodie experiences also provide historical and cultural information about the areas we visit in between tasting locations.

Is there a waiting list if tour is sold out?2017-01-16T20:53:00+00:00

If a tour is sold out on a date you want please contact us at info@stmartinfoodtours.com and let us know how many are in your party and which date you are interested in. Sometimes we add another tour on the same day given enough demand so it doesn’t hurt to ask! You can also call Flavors of St. Martin’s North America booking line (EzTix) at 855-543-9849 or the International booking line at +52 55 4170 7517.

Wheelchair, walker, crutch accessible?2017-01-16T20:52:39+00:00

The Flavors of St. Martin Food tour unfortunately travels to destinations that do not allow easy access for wheelchairs, walkers or crutches due to the uneven, hilly sidewalks and streets throughout Sint Maarten/Saint Martin (and lack of enough wheelchair ramps). Feel free to e-mail us info@stmartinfoodtours.com and we can learn and advise about your particular situation.

Can a child/teen/elderly guest participate?2017-01-16T20:52:20+00:00

We invite the whole family to experience our cuisine-centered tour experiences. However guests should note that our St. Martin Food Tours are 4 hours in length and feature a lot of standing, walking and climbing in and out of a coach bus. Guests should be comfortable walking about 2 miles over uneven streets, walking a flight of stairs and strolling up/down hills. Unfortunately on this tour crutches, wheelchairs or walkers are not logistically possible.

Our food tour tasting locations are a mixture of relaxed seating at partner restaurants and tastings that are shorter and faster paced which have no designated seating for each guest. This allows us to cover both sides of the island at four restaurants in four hours, plus add in the historical and cultural aspects of the island.


The tour company owner has two young kids herself and is fully aware what traveling with young ones is like! We offer tickets at a special price for children (and kids 2 and under are free) so families are definitely welcome on tour. However, keep in mind some children/teens have a limited attention span and may not enjoy the historical and cultural aspects that are a part of our tour offerings (especially the standing/walking involved across the 4 hour tour), but we ultimately leave it up to the parents to decide if our tours are right for them. There is space in the restaurants and the coach for a collapsible stroller (we suggest going with the umbrella stroller style to ensure comfort in tight spaces).

Vegetarians, Allergies and Non-Alcoholic Drinks2017-01-16T20:51:55+00:00

Guests who are vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, or have other dietary restrictions, as well as non-alcoholic drinkers, can be accommodated on all our foodie offerings with advanced notice.

We actually are wonderful at accommodating dietary restrictions (except unfortunately those who do not consume dairy/cheese products) but must know IN ADVANCE so we can prepare adequately for those needs. In most cases guests will still experience LOCAL cuisine on the tour that fits in with their dietary needs EXCEPT in the instance of dairy/cheese restrictions. We are not able to substitute for dairy/cheese. (NOTE: the tour price will remain the same, even if non-alcoholic versions are provided. We will try to come as close to the original drink sans alcohol as possible but in cases such as rum infusion or wine we will sub with juice, soda or water).


please contact your travel insurance provider because in many instances you can receive compensation.  If you are running behind for a tour due to delays please call the number on your “e-ticket” (guests who book directly though Flavors of St. Martin and who are physically in St. Martin can call the toll free International customer line at +52 55 4170 7517) and a representative with EzTix (our 3rd party ticketing company) will assist.

Are refunds and ticket reschedules available?2017-01-16T20:50:29+00:00

Once purchased, ticket reschedules are allowed (free of charge) only based on availability and with at least 48 hours’ notice (except in special cases such as a tropical storm or hurricane, where we will accommodate guests).

Our tours offer limited space per guide to maintain their boutique feel and often sell out. There will be no reschedules or partial credit given for late arrivals, no shows or partial attendance. In lieu of refunds, Flavors offers transferable gift cards you can use in future tours, give to friends or even sell (they have no expiration date).

Please note we operate rain or shine so tours will NOT be cancelled simply because it is raining. If Flavors of St. Martin cancels a tour in the event of a dangerous flash flood, tropical storm or hurricane we will offer guests to reschedule, a gift certificate or a full refund.

Tours depart promptly and it is the guest’s responsibility to show up at the right location on time. Flavors of St. Martin reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any service without prior notice.

In what currency are tours purchased?2017-01-16T20:49:44+00:00

Tour pricing is in USD$. Note: The Dutch side of Sint Maarten accepts and uses dollars frequently, as does the French side. The French side of Saint Martin has a one to one exchange rate when dealing in cash.

Is advance ticket purchase required? Can I pay cash?2017-01-30T16:57:13+00:00

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required since most tours sell out in advance and space is limited. Tours can be booked online with a Visa, MasterCard or AMEX or by calling Flavors of St. Martin’s North America booking line (EzTix) at 855-543-9849 or the International booking line at +52 55 4170 7517. Cash is not accepted.

Issues with milk/cheese products?2017-01-16T20:48:40+00:00

Unfortunately on this tour we’re all about the diary. Substitutes are simply not available for guests who do not consume dairy on two of the four stops. Please feel free to attend the tour but know on those two stops the cuisine will be limited (but FYI it is not the main food stop).

How do I get to the general tour meeting place?2017-01-16T20:48:16+00:00

The culinary roadtrip begins at the Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor store’s parking lot (St. Maarten dock) located in Philipsburg Sint Maarten at #26 on Juancho Yrausquin Blvd. This parking entrance (St. Maarten dock) is on the right hand side of the road just after Bobby’s Marina if you are on the way to the Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise and Cargo Facilities.  Sint Maarten isn’t that great with signs with the road name but they have signs pointing in the direction to the location you are attempting to drive (for instance follow the signs to the Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise and Cargo Facilities and you’ll be a stone’s throw away from the St. Maarten dock and the Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Shop). If in doubt, call our 3rd party ticketing company toll free at 855-543-9849 (while in North America) or +52 55 4170 7517 (when you are outside of North America). You can also contact directly the good folks at our partnership restaurant and tour start: Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store (+1-721-581-5408) Ask for Etienne.

Do the tours start and end at the same place?2017-01-16T20:47:41+00:00

]Yes! Our general tours start and end in a bus at Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store (+1-721-581-5408) at Juancho Yrausquin Blvd #26, Philipsburg in the parking lot of St. Maarten Dock. The tours booked directly through Royal and Celebrity start and end at the cruise ship port.