You’re here because you are potentially interested in a food tour in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. Perhaps you know what a food tour is, and perhaps you do not. Let me explain…

A food tour is a great way to start a vacation, or for anyone really, who wants to acquaint themselves with an area’s “scene” from the lens of gastronomy. Our food tour takes you in a comfortable, air conditioned bus (minimum 6 guests, max 20) to 4 different food centered shops and restaurants to sample cuisine iconic to the Dutch side of the island of Sint Maarten AND the French side, Saint Martin. It takes 4 hours and you’ll have an overview of the area’s history, culture and fun stuff to do from a local “in the know” guide.

Why take a food tour and not just a walking or bus tour? Every special part of your life, you may or may not have noticed, is peppered with food: weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, parties…even funerals. Food is a huge part of what it is to be human on this Earth and we love to share it, eat it and talk about it. This tour is for someone who wants to do that while on vacation and learn about a location’s cultural and historical underpinnings centered around cuisine.

Sound good? Awesome! Let’s book your Culinary Roadtrip of St. Martin!