It’s time for a reality check: most of us are addicted to our smartphones. You can check the weather, buy your groceries, keep track of your banking, read a book, turn the lights on in your house, and so much more, all with your phone. Without even realizing it, smartphones make our lives much easier, so why not use them to make our vacations a little easier too? We’ve compiled our list of our favorite apps to use that will enhance your vacation to St. Martin!

Vacation St. Maarten

If there’s one app that you absolutely have to have during your vacation to St. Martin its this one. Vacation St. Maarten is the only official app from St. Maarten Tourism Bureau and will serve as the perfect trip planner and on-island guide. Not only can you find out more information about attractions, hotels, restaurants, and general information about the island, you can also use it’s built in GPS feature to guide you to all of your locations.



Looking to really live like a local during your trip? Try staying in an Airbnb instead of a hotel! Airbnb is a simple app that lets you browse through different homes or rooms that people are renting out. Airbnb is essential because not only are you more likely to save money, you can also find really cool places like a beach front property over-looking Grand Case or an apartment in the historic city of Marigot. If you’re really looking to have a luxurious vacation, you can even rent a catamaran!



TripAdvisor is a great app to have wherever you go (even in your hometown) in order to get the best information about the best places to visit. TripAdvisor tells you about the best tourist attractions, restaurants, and places to go in a certain area and provides reviews from real people who have been there. Even if you don’t have a specific place you want to search, TripAdvisor will provide you a list of places based on reviews. This app is super useful to use in St. Martin because it gives travelers the chance to find places that they may not necessarily know even existed.



Sometimes packing for your trip can be harder than planning the actual trip. PackPoint takes away that frustration and helps you become a packing pro! All you have to do is tell PackPoint where you’re going, what you plan on doing, and how long you’ll be there and then the app will generate a packing list just for you. This app is the perfect solution to that “I think I forgot something…” feeling.


Google Translate

Fun fact: St. Martin and Sint Maarten both have two different official languages: French and Dutch! Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to speak English in most of the places you visit, but just in case you can’t it’s a good idea have the Google Translate App downloaded on your phone. It can instantly translate while offline and can even translate the words on pictures that you take! While it’s best not to rely on this app for full-blown conversations, it can definitely be helpful in translating simple things like that one word on the menu that you never learned in your high school French class.



One of the best things about going on vacation is taking an endless amount of pictures that you can look back on forever. But not all of us are world renowned photographers, especially when we’re using our phones to snap our shots. Luckily, Snapseed can help you take your photos from average to outstanding. Developed by Google, Snapseed is a complete and easy to use photo-editor that both anyone can use. Now you can edit those beach sunset pictures perfectly (and you may even make your co-workers jealous in the process!)



We’ve all experienced planning the perfect beach day, only to have it ruined by an ugly rainy day. With NOAA Now you can avoid that annoyance and keep track of the weather in real-time. Get the latest and most accurate information regarding hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe storms all from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Use real-time satellite images in order to properly plan your day at the beach.


Google Maps

On vacation you can escape just about everything… except traffic. And while there’s not much you can do when you get caught in that rush-hour traffic, Google Maps can make it a little easier. Google Maps is a navigation and traffic app that tells you the best and fastest route to take in order to avoid that three-hour traffic jam. It can also give you estimated arrival times, bus and train routes, and automatic rerouting.


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All of these apps are available on Apple App Store and Google Play.