Living in the Caribbean, there are many things to look forward to every year. From Regatta to Carnival, there’s always something to do and enjoy. Still, it’s the little things that truly make the Caribbean such an incredible place to visit. That’s why one of the most exciting times on the island is a simple one: mango season.

Mango Fun Facts:

  • The wonderful Mango is actually a member of the Cashew family.
  • The Mango is also a symbol of prosperity and happiness! They certainly make me happy when I gormandize one. Great word right, gormandize? It means eating greedily or ravenously, which is how I devour Mangoes since they are my favorite fruit.
  • The Magic Mango is native to South Asia and has been cultivated since 2000 BCE.
  • This juicy fruit contains Vitamins A, C, and D and has many more health benefits.
  • There are 100’s of different types of Mangoes.



What can one do with this fabulous fruit in the kitchen?


One large Mango is enough for 3 breakfasts. Cut ½ of Mango and put pieces in your breakfast bowl. Save the rest of Mango in a container in your fridge. Use other ½ next day, and on the 3rd day, you slice off the Mango meat alongside the pit.


To marinate fish, meat or poultry means to tenderize the product. Mango gives a nice sweet flavor as well. Combine with Caraway seed, Nutmeg, Curry…any Asian spice. If you like your food with a kick, add spice, but the Asian flavor does not need to be too hot. Fresh Cilantro is also a super herb to combine with Mango.


Oh, wonderful Chutney: Such a great combination with your appetizer platter. Think of lovely pieces of Gouda (you should know how to pronounce this now) dipped in Mango Chutney. Pate on crackers with a dollop of Mango Chutney next to it. Small sausages, pieces of cucumber, or carrot…be creative! Cooking is improvisation, my Foody Friends!


Fresh Bread, Salted Butter, and Old Amsterdam Cheese with Mango! One of my favorites. Use Mango in Salsa and Salads. Especially combined with fresh Cilantro or Basil. The colors alone will be a feast for the eyes!


Add Mango in the blender with any fruit of your choice to make a smoothie that will keep you cool in the summer heat. You can also add any rum (or liquor of choice) to your Mango smoothie and make a daiquiri. Yum!

Beauty Remedies:

Mango has many uses like facewash, anti-dandruff, heat loss prevention, and more!


Mango season is here, so go out there and get yourself a delicious treat. Just make sure to be quick to get them off the trees because monkeys like them too!

Enjoy our Mango cutting video below and follow us on our social channels @flavorsfoodtours for more. Enjoy the MAGNIFICENT MANGO!