Two nations, France and the Netherlands share the smallest territory in the whole world. To complicate matters further, the different spellings of this island have caused massive confusion for years on end!

We at Flavors of St. Martin Food Tours pride ourselves in being the only way to experience and learn about the fantastic and versatile food on this 34 sq. Mile piece of paradise, but we also consider ourselves to be a Fun Fact History tour.

The Dutch side of the island is spelled Sint Maarten. Although Dutch is the official language here, English is what widely spoken throughout the Netherlands’ side of the island. To accommodate English speaking residents and visitors, most people around the globe know the Dutch side of the island as St. Martin.

On the island, you will see signs, T-shirts, and souvenirs emblazoned with the letters ‘SXM’ on them. SXM is our airport code designated to Princess Juliana International Airport!

We have the 2nd busiest airport in the Caribbean with daily flights from France and multiple trips from the USA, as well as flights from Amsterdam and, of course, our Island Hoppers or Puddle Jumpers, which fly in between the Caribbean Islands. You can also find that there are more than 100 private jets to be found at SXM during Christmas time! 

Now that you know about the Dutch side of the island, what about the French side?

There is only one way to spell the French side of the island, and that is Saint Martin.

No more confusion necessary when discussing what is the correct spelling of this beautiful piece of paradise!

Join us for a Flavors of St. Martin Food Tour and eat your way through the island, all while learning more about the local culture, history, and, of course, fun facts!