Quenepa fruit – or Spanish lime – grow in the tropics and are very popular in the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, and South America, to name a few. It has incredible health benefits.

The quenepa (a good Scrabble word as well!) is about the size of an olive and has a hard skin. Inside you’ll find a sweet, luscious fruit with a jelly-like consistency. Most people eat them fresh. You can buy them on the side of the road where, mostly, youth will have climbed up in the trees to retrieve these succulent fruit snacks.

Quenepas are full of fiber and contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium. They also help with digestion and to regulate hormones.

Also, they contain a large amount of tryptophan, which is important for good sleep and lysine, which helps proper growth. Last but not least, quenepas help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

WOW, a super fruit! Check out the video below to see how you eat this natural candy!