Flavors of St. Martin / Sint Maarten was created to help travelers and locals discover the hidden culinary and cultural treasures in the off-the-beaten-path areas of St. Martin / Sint Maarten.

Our Story

We at Flavors of St Martin were inspired to create Sint Maarten’s *original* and finest culinary tasting and cultural tour in 2014 by the very spirit of the island, its people and cuisine. The Flavors team is proud to share our wealth of experience and discoveries with you. If we can tease your taste buds and share with you our passion with this dual nation with the sights, flavors and way of life in St Martin/Sint Maarten then we have accomplished our goal.

We’re passionate about connecting people with local food makers, creating bonds through breaking bread and making the fun nooks and crannies of St. Martin your neighborhood, too. Come with us where we take pride in eating locally.

Eat Well, Be Inspired® is our motto, which we think everyone who loves to travel, explore and eat well can share and identify with.

Bon Appétit!

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