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Fruits of St. Martin: The Quenepa


Quenepa fruit – or Spanish lime - grow in the tropics and are very popular in the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, and South America, to name a few. It has incredible health benefits. The quenepa (a good Scrabble word as well!) is about the size of an olive and has a hard skin. Inside you’ll find [...]

Fruits of St. Martin: The Quenepa2020-07-25T16:42:28+00:00

One Island, Two Countries: The Different Spellings of Our Island Name


Two nations, France and the Netherlands share the smallest territory in the whole world. To complicate matters further, the different spellings of this island have caused massive confusion for years on end! We at Flavors of St. Martin Food Tours pride ourselves in being the only way to experience and learn about the fantastic and [...]

One Island, Two Countries: The Different Spellings of Our Island Name2020-07-08T21:22:32+00:00

All Things Mangoes


Living in the Caribbean, there are many things to look forward to every year. From Regatta to Carnival, there's always something to do and enjoy. Still, it's the little things that truly make the Caribbean such an incredible place to visit. That's why one of the most exciting times on the island is a simple [...]

All Things Mangoes2020-07-08T20:51:15+00:00

Salt Mining and Salt Fish, a local tradition in St. Martin


By: Ankie Nieuwenhoven, Flavors of St. Martin Senior Epicurean guide and Location Manager In the 1600’s Salt Mining or Salt Picking was the economy of Sint Maarten.  The mining area on the island is the Great Salt Pond, located in Philipsburg, the Capital of the Dutch side of this island paradise. We also have a [...]

Salt Mining and Salt Fish, a local tradition in St. Martin2020-06-11T18:20:16+00:00



What is Kings Day? Kings Day, in Dutch it is Koningsdag, is the day we celebrate our king and it is celebrated on the King's birthday, April 27.   King Willem-Alexander is the first King of the Netherlands in 123 years! The Vrijmarkt, translated Free Market, is a nationwide Flea Market. Kings Day is the [...]


Paradise During Lockdown – St. Martin


All of a sudden it became reality here on our tiny little piece of paradise as well…COVID-19. Sint Martin/Saint Martin is a 37 square mile island in the Caribbean and we are the smallest territory on the planet that is shared by 2 nations: The Dutch and the French. 2 countries, 2 governments but open [...]

Paradise During Lockdown – St. Martin2020-05-05T17:21:53+00:00

COVID-19 Safety Regulations


Relax, you can enjoy Sint Maarten/St Martin and its delicious culinary offerings in safety with Flavors Food Tours! To ensure the safety of our Flavors guests, our guide team and vendor partners are taking the following precautions: *Guests should bring their own mask  *Guests and guides are expected to wear masks 100 percent of [...]

COVID-19 Safety Regulations2020-07-14T02:17:27+00:00

Dutch Mac and Cheese Recipe


It's time to step away from the box "recipe" and enjoy this delicious mac and cheese dish requested by both adults and children. We were lucky enough to get the recipe from our own partners, Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store, where they have the most amazing selection of dutch cheese in the Island. It's a little piece [...]

Dutch Mac and Cheese Recipe2020-07-13T20:03:14+00:00

Healthy Root Tea Recipe


"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things" We got a delicious and healthy recipe from our own Location Manager & Epicurean Senior Guide, Ankie Nieuwenhoven: Root Tea! If you are unfamiliar with tea let us tell you a a few fun facts before making the recipe... Britain is the second-largest nation [...]

Healthy Root Tea Recipe2020-07-13T20:03:55+00:00

Irma Relief: Help Our Partners!


You’ve seen Hurricane Irma’s destruction photos from Sint Maarten and St Thomas USVI and now you can help make a difference! Help the restaurant owners who you met on your food tour in Sint Maarten and St Thomas rebuild not only their restaurants but also their lives. Global Flavors, operators of Flavors of St Thomas [...]

Irma Relief: Help Our Partners!2020-04-12T03:01:14+00:00
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