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COVID-19 Safety Regulations


Relax, you can enjoy Sint Maarten/St Martin and its delicious culinary offerings in safety with Flavors Food Tours! To ensure the safety of our Flavors guests, our guide team and vendor partners are taking the following precautions: *Guests should bring their own mask  *Guests and guides are expected to wear masks 100 percent of [...]

COVID-19 Safety Regulations2020-07-14T02:17:27+00:00

Dutch Mac and Cheese Recipe


It's time to step away from the box "recipe" and enjoy this delicious mac and cheese dish requested by both adults and children. We were lucky enough to get the recipe from our own partners, Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store, where they have the most amazing selection of dutch cheese in the Island. It's a little piece [...]

Dutch Mac and Cheese Recipe2020-07-13T20:03:14+00:00

Healthy Root Tea Recipe


"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things" We got a delicious and healthy recipe from our own Location Manager & Epicurean Senior Guide, Ankie Nieuwenhoven: Root Tea! If you are unfamiliar with tea let us tell you a a few fun facts before making the recipe... Britain is the second-largest nation [...]

Healthy Root Tea Recipe2020-07-13T20:03:55+00:00

The best colada in town: Banana Colada recipe


St. Martin have so much to offer! The beach, the food — and the refreshing frozen drinks, like Bailey’s Banana Colada. Prepare to be addicted! If you enjoy the Piña Colada you will love this awesome Banana Colada. Made with Bailey's, Banana Liqueur and Pina Colada mix, this drink is a favorite of bar goers [...]

The best colada in town: Banana Colada recipe2017-06-27T18:19:40+00:00

Guavaberry Colada Recipe


The calendar may say it's winter, but we believe it's never too early to start enjoying a tropical cocktail. In fact, we consider it research for when summer finally rolls around. This Guavaberry Colada is sure to make you feel like you're somewhere on a beach, in the middle of summer. Guavaberry Liqueur is king in St. [...]

Guavaberry Colada Recipe2017-01-18T20:06:42+00:00

Caribbean Shepherd’s Pie Recipe


Shepherd's Pie is one of the most popular comfort foods that you can find. It's a classic dish that originally comes from Scotland, but in this recipe we're serving it up with a delicious tropical twist to make a Caribbean Shepherd's Pie, full of love and warmth. This recipe is the perfect way to cure your comfort food cravings. Caribbean Style [...]

Caribbean Shepherd’s Pie Recipe2018-06-18T19:32:46+00:00
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