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One Island, Two Countries: The Different Spellings of Our Island Name


Two nations, France and the Netherlands share the smallest territory in the whole world. To complicate matters further, the different spellings of this island have caused massive confusion for years on end! We at Flavors of St. Martin Food Tours pride ourselves in being the only way to experience and learn about the fantastic and [...]

One Island, Two Countries: The Different Spellings of Our Island Name2020-07-08T21:22:32+00:00

All Things Mangoes


Living in the Caribbean, there are many things to look forward to every year. From Regatta to Carnival, there's always something to do and enjoy. Still, it's the little things that truly make the Caribbean such an incredible place to visit. That's why one of the most exciting times on the island is a simple [...]

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Salt Mining and Salt Fish, a local tradition in St. Martin


By: Ankie Nieuwenhoven, Flavors of St. Martin Senior Epicurean guide and Location Manager In the 1600’s Salt Mining or Salt Picking was the economy of Sint Maarten.  The mining area on the island is the Great Salt Pond, located in Philipsburg, the Capital of the Dutch side of this island paradise. We also have a [...]

Salt Mining and Salt Fish, a local tradition in St. Martin2020-06-11T18:20:16+00:00



What is Kings Day? Kings Day, in Dutch it is Koningsdag, is the day we celebrate our king and it is celebrated on the King's birthday, April 27.   King Willem-Alexander is the first King of the Netherlands in 123 years! The Vrijmarkt, translated Free Market, is a nationwide Flea Market. Kings Day is the [...]


Paradise During Lockdown – St. Martin


All of a sudden it became reality here on our tiny little piece of paradise as well…COVID-19. Sint Martin/Saint Martin is a 37 square mile island in the Caribbean and we are the smallest territory on the planet that is shared by 2 nations: The Dutch and the French. 2 countries, 2 governments but open [...]

Paradise During Lockdown – St. Martin2020-05-05T17:21:53+00:00

Dutch Cookies Explained


by Sint Maarten location manager and senior tour guide, Ankie Nieuwenhoven SPEKULAAS Many of us have a sweet tooth and that is why the Persians invented the "cookie" in the 7th Century. Fast Forward to the 1700s in New Amsterdam, or what we now call New York City when the large Dutch population perfected the [...]

Dutch Cookies Explained2020-07-13T20:01:33+00:00

Introducing the Philipsburg Foodie Walking Tour with Flavors of St Martin


We're so excited to introduce the newest addition to the Flavors Family: the Philipsburg Foodie Walking Tour! This is the latest food tour offered by Flavors of St. Martin. As the culinary capital of the Caribbean, navigating your way through the best restaurants in Sint Maarten can feel daunting. On our new walking food tour we take the guess [...]

Introducing the Philipsburg Foodie Walking Tour with Flavors of St Martin2017-02-07T22:58:24+00:00

Guavaberry Colada Recipe


The calendar may say it's winter, but we believe it's never too early to start enjoying a tropical cocktail. In fact, we consider it research for when summer finally rolls around. This Guavaberry Colada is sure to make you feel like you're somewhere on a beach, in the middle of summer. Guavaberry Liqueur is king in St. [...]

Guavaberry Colada Recipe2017-01-18T20:06:42+00:00

12 of The Best Restaurants in Saint Martin


Talk to any foodie in St. Martin, and you'll quickly learn that St. Martin is known as the culinary capital of the Carribean. This means that you really can't go wrong when wining and dining on this beautiful island. As the melting pot of the Caribbean, there's a never-ending list of amazing options on the [...]

12 of The Best Restaurants in Saint Martin2017-01-18T20:08:04+00:00

Caribbean Shepherd’s Pie Recipe


Shepherd's Pie is one of the most popular comfort foods that you can find. It's a classic dish that originally comes from Scotland, but in this recipe we're serving it up with a delicious tropical twist to make a Caribbean Shepherd's Pie, full of love and warmth. This recipe is the perfect way to cure your comfort food cravings. Caribbean Style [...]

Caribbean Shepherd’s Pie Recipe2018-06-18T19:32:46+00:00
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