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The best colada in town: Banana Colada recipe


St. Martin have so much to offer! The beach, the food — and the refreshing frozen drinks, like Bailey’s Banana Colada. Prepare to be addicted! If you enjoy the Piña Colada you will love this awesome Banana Colada. Made with Bailey's, Banana Liqueur and Pina Colada mix, this drink is a favorite of bar goers [...]

The best colada in town: Banana Colada recipe2017-06-27T18:19:40+00:00

Guavaberry Colada Recipe


The calendar may say it's winter, but we believe it's never too early to start enjoying a tropical cocktail. In fact, we consider it research for when summer finally rolls around. This Guavaberry Colada is sure to make you feel like you're somewhere on a beach, in the middle of summer. Guavaberry Liqueur is king in St. [...]

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